Drivers Safety Thoughts and Tips – Are YOU Prepared?

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No matter who you drive for or what you drive…..everyone needs to be safe and I hope no one wants to see anyone else have an accident. I know I sure do not. Bottom line, no matter how small, it is not good for anyone.

Driver Safety Tips – Are you Prepared?

 Many drivers all over the country and or the world have vehicular accidents of both at fault and Not at fault accidents.  BOTH at fault and not at fault types of accidents can be prevented.


So the question today is: Are you prepared?

We have ALL done it, found ourselves jamming on the brakes and complaining about the other driver that did this or that.

The truth is and the fact is…it is US that are not prepared.   Whether it is fault or not at fault. You are a professional driver…right?  It is up to you to be prepared.

The bottom line is this – leave EXTRA room….at least 3 car lengths where you can.  More on the highways or busier roads.  When you increase your distance you increase your chances of being safe.

Ohhhhhhh…….I know there are many of you rolling your eyes right now…..think about that the next time you call your boss to let them know you have had an accident.


  1. BE AWARE: Keep aware of yourself, how you are feeling and your mood. This is most important.
  2. INCREASE YOUR DISTANCE – If you increase your distance you will decrease your stress and increase your chances of being safe.
  3. GREEN TRAFFIC LIGHTS: Do not take for granted a green light…..look in all directions leading up to and before the intersections as you approach. BE AWARE
  4. FRUSTRATION:  Are you having a bad day? Did someone or something upset you? If you find yourself unnecessarily gripping the steering wheel tightly, too tightly, then you have to consciously make yourself relax and lesson your grip.   Gripping the steering wheel tightly when not necessary is one of your first signs of trouble. It also means that since you are gripping it too tightly you will also yank it to the left or right too quickly. The average driver, when they yank a steering wheel too hard will either stomp on the accelerator or hit the brakes unnecessarily and end up hitting something or someone.   It could be anywhere anytime… a gas station, a Walmart or Publix parking lot or anywhere.
  5. ADMIT ADMIT ADMIT:  Admit to yourself when you make a mistake. Always always check yourself. Am I paying attention to what’s around me? Am I gripping the wheel too tight? Have I been jamming on my brakes a lot today? Was I day dreaming? Was I texting? Was I reading something? Was I on the phone and not paying attention? Even if you have been sitting for some time, stop yourself before you move your vehicle…..did something change while you were sitting there?? Did someone pull in beside or behind you? Is someone standing behind you? Could be anything even someone’s pet dog or cat. CHECK YOURSELF…ALWAYS ALWAYS CHECK YOURSELF.

Please BE SAFE out there!

Thank you, Lance Greene – BATS Taxi & Towncar Service – St. Pete Beach, FL


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